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Towncraft Towncraft

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's a great game. The idea of the worker layout: +1. Graphics fit the mood of the game: +0.5. Good music choice: +0.5. After some time, you pile on resources and people, having nothing to do: -1. Time well spent: +1. Good variety in people, options: +1.5, but a few flaws (1.5 -> 1).
A sequel or an update would be a great idea. It would improve the game's rating capacity.

Harena Harena

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Overall, it's ok. The monsters get pretty tough though, hard to survive (-1). Navigation is hard, adding to desert theme (+1). Interesting to explore the resources and see what's what and what they do (+1.5). Not the best inventory type (-0.5). Not much variety (-0.5). Good control of character (+0.5).
Some ideas could be to tone down how strong monsters are from when you start, so players have a better idea of how to survive. Also, more objects/things should be present. There is a lack of life, and from the crystal ball, there is only 2 plant types and some ore. Knowing it's not going to be updated, I shouldn't judge down for some things (+0.5). You should work on this game and you could change it. Get rid of what you don't like about it and make your original idea.